Bund Lining Project Isle of Grain Kent

McMorrow Construction have safely completed the bund lining works of the lower 30’s fuel storagefacility at the Isle of Grain.

The contract was a great success and was delivered with 0 incidents for a total of 9,250-man hoursworked and 4 weeks ahead of programme.

The project works involved excavating the entire bund floor (6750m2) to a depth of 300mm andinstalling a bentonite linear. The linear was required to ensure that any unforeseen fuel loss fromthe tanks or pipelines was captured within the bund without damage to the environment.

The Bund walls were also required to have the same bund lining system however the bund wallswere required to have an additional 300mm covering on top of the bentonite linear. This was achieved by using a geogrid membrane over the top of the bentonite linear and fixing Rawcell to thegeogrid to achieve stability on the bund walls. The Cell was then filled with type 1 and then anderosion blanket was installed on top of the type 1and the area was top soiled and grass seeded.

The Bund walls required 2,400 tones of type 1 and 1,000 tones of topsoil to complete the 4,200m² area.

We are currently pricing future works on 3 other sites which are for bund lining works for theterminals to comply with the Environment Agency improvement guidelines.

We would like to thank all the team on the Isle of Grain site who worked together in safely deliveringthe project ahead of schedule.

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