Fire Water Lagoon

The fire lagoon project at the Isle of Grain was required for additional water supply for firefighting.

The original lagoon that was in place was no longer large enough for the increase amounts of storage onsite and a new lagoon was required.

The project involved excavation of a 30m diameter lagoon at 3m deep, the soil was transported from the area to a laydown area onsite and levelled.

As the area was mostly clay based their was no need for a linear to be installed into the lagoon.

Once completed a slit trench was excavated between the new lagoon and the existing lagoon and the lagoon was filled.

The project took 4 weeks to complete and 1,600 man hours, In total 1,125m³ of earth was excavated, moved and levelled.

The project was a complete success with 0 accidents or incidents.

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